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Granite Valley Forest Products is a concentration yard located in Marathon City and New London, Wisconsin. We have been in operation since 2002, offering the finest hardwoods from the Lake State Region of the United States. Our average kiln-dried inventory on hand is approximately 10 million feet.

We sell rough (unfinished faces and edges) or S2S (surfaced two faces) and straight line ripping (one or two edges). We offer NHLA grades and customer-proprietary grading based on NHLA guidelines. Our team provides custom products to meet our discerning customers’ exact specifications for widths, lengths and color. We use rough rules (poor-face grading), unlike some of our competitors that use good-face grading, ensuring our customers receive the best possible product.

Our sales staff has hundreds of years of combined hardwood and softwood sales experience. We specialize in tailoring products and quality to our customers’ needs including custom designed grades and custom manufacturing.

Our team is passionate about their work, our customers and the quality of product they provide. Our team has a long history with our company ensuring they have the experience to provide the quality products our customers expect.

We are committed to providing a consistent and high-quality product in a timely fashion and superior customer service. We are continually working to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Granite Valley Forest Products - Production Capabilities
Production Capabilities
We have dry kilns, planer lines, rip lines, chop lines as well as additional sanding capabilities that allow us to meet last-minute orders. We process over 50 million feet per year.

To assist our customers with their production, we can offer SLR1E (straight line rip one edge) or SLR2E (straight line rip two edge). This saves our customers time and assists those who may not have this equipment at their disposal.

Granite Valley Forest Products - Equipment
Our Equipment
We have automatic stacking and downstacking equipment allowing for efficient daily processing. We also have Newman planers, Mereen Johnson laser-guided gang rip lines, chop saws, multiple trim saws and conveyor decks on both the green and two dry lines.

This equipment allows us to provide our customers additional services not always offered by our competitors.
Granite Valley Forest Products - Picture Tally System
Picture Tally System
Granite Valley has a "Picture Tally" system, ensuring accurate piece tallies by width and length per unit. We have detail export tally reports for all outgoing loads. All units are packaged with wide banding, bolsters and covered with plastic to allow for easier handling for our customers and to help maintain the integrity of our product.

Our system allows the sales team to receive real-time updates on our inventory levels. Online, real time, all the time.