Forest Management

Our experts manage your forest with care and respect, as if it was our own. From learning landowners’ goals and land use to timber harvesting and sales, we help create a sustainable and effective forest management plan.

Healthy Woods, Healthy Returns

Proper forest management not only enhances the health of your land but also provides a range of tangible financial and ecological benefits:

  • Increased timber yield
  • Improved wildlife habitat
  • Income for current and future generations
  • Enhanced aesthetic and recreational value
  • Long-term sustainability
  • Optimized carbon sequestration that helps mitigate climate change
a hardwood forest on an autumn day with leaves on the ground

Forest Management FAQs

What is the process of having my forest managed?

The first step is to contact our office to set up a property visit with one of our forest managers. A property visit provides an opportunity for the forester to walk your property, learn your goals, and discuss potential species for harvest. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the health and potential harvest income of your forest.

How will this affect deer hunting on my land?

Forest management enhances forage and cover for deer and other wildlife. And it’s not unusual to see deer even when timber is being harvested. After harvesting, many landowners report some of the best deer hunting they’ve had in years.

How much is my timber worth? How do I plan for future harvest income?

The value of your timber depends on various factors, including the species, size, quality, and current market conditions. A local forester can help assess timber for precise worth and create a forest management plan for future harvest income.

What will my woods look like after being harvested?

After a timber harvest, the land will have some natural remnants (i.e., tree tops, branches) that will break down and regenerate into natural flora for the forest. Our forest management team will work with you to get your land looking how you would like it.

We are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations.

At Granite Valley, we are committed to responsible forest management industry practices that prioritize the long-term health and sustainability of your woodland.

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